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Drizzle Factory is a fast growing Canadian brand so don’t wait to get your hands on some of these amazing flavors!!


– Smores (x3)
– Sweet Tooth (x2)
– Peaches & Cream
– Coconut Cream Pie (x2)
– Frosted Flakes (x2)
– Champagne
– Permafrost (Sold Out)
– Strawberry Ice Cream
– Super Sugar Crisp (x2)
– Candy Land
– Kandy Kush (x2)
– Pink Lemonade
– Blueberry Lemonade (x2)
– Fireball Cinnamon (x2)
– Candy Apple (x2)
– Caramel Apple (x2)
– Cherry Soda (x2)
– Banana Jack (x2)
– Frozen Grapes (x2)
– Cookies & Cream (x2) (Sold Out)
– Cherry Pie OG (x2)
– Lemon Chello (x2)
– Tropical Punch
– Venom OG (Sold Out)
– Water Melon Skittles (Sold Out)
– Sour Patch Kids (Sold Out)
– Pineapple Storm (Sold Out)

Bottom of the device will twist off in order to charge


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